My Story

Welcome to Happy Yard Card! I offer yard greetings to help you celebrate all kinds of special occasions!  My goal is to spread love, joy, kindness, goodness, happiness, and lots of smiles helping to make your event super special.

Happy Yard Card was started as a business in 2020, when I was 14, to help teach me about financial management, customer service, and entrepreneurship. As an active Boy Scout (currently Life Rank), I have been working on a variety of merit badges (American Business, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, and more).  My parents and I thought what better way to learn those skills than by practicing them first hand. This is my business but my mom and dad are teaching, guiding, and supporting me in becoming a successful business owner.  Teaching me about saving money, reinvesting in my business, and supporting the local community are key parts of the Happy Yard Card vision.

I offer a variety of greetings, from Birthday, New Baby, Graduation and Prom-posal to Thank-you, Anniversary, Proposal, and much, much more.  If you have something to say, I can help!


Thanks for your support!

-Billy Vega

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