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Community Giving

We love our community and we love giving back.  Learning about saving money, reinvesting in my business, and supporting the local community are key attributes of the Happy Yard Card vision.


Through our community giving program, I am giving back 10% of all “It’s a Boy”, “It’s a Girl”, and any Gender Reveal rentals to Caleb’s Cause Foundation.  Following Caleb’s lead of Kid’s serving neighbors, I am helping provide diapers to Oklahoma families in need.

Tips received from our customers also allow me to give back and support our fellow Scouts.  The rank of Eagle Scout is a huge milestone and I look forward to helping celebrate the important occasion with a special Happy Yard Card display!

Caleb and Billy 2022.jpg

Caleb and Billy (2022)

BV, NS, CH.jpeg

Caleb, Noah, and Billy processing diapers for distribution to the community (2019)

BV, CH, 2017.JPG

Billy and Caleb collecting diapers during a Christmas party (2017)

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